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Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch powered by Duplo - 1 set

Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch powered by Duplo - 1 set

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    1 set is 1 left side and 1 right side for 1 shoe. For a pair of shoes, you will need 2 sets.

    Please make sure to remove all knobs, when using a Duplo Horseshoe for a glued application.

    When it comes to plastic horseshoes, it is well-known that the duration of the product's storage can impact its abrasion behavior. However, what may be advantageous for the horseshoe can be a disadvantage for a glue-on tab, not in terms of tear resistance, but rather in relation to its flexibility and pliability. 
    Please make sure to use your glue-on tabs on a “first in first out” basis.

    SOFT: Slightly softer and thus more flexible material. A good choice for irregular hoof walls and lower temperatures. We do not recommend them in midsummer at extreme temperatures and advise against using them for hooves that land in a very rotary or shuffling way because of the more flexible basic material. 
    Neither do we recommend them for sports which put a high and/or shearing strain on the fixation of the horseshoes (for example: show jumping). 

    REGULAR: We recommend these for use in summer. They are more rigid than the SOFT.

    Please watch our instruction video about glueing with the Glue-On Tabs.

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