Copy of Safety Information

Important Safety Information for Duplo Composite Horseshoes

Our products, the Duplo Composite Horseshoes, are manufactured using safe chemical substances and synthetic materials. Nevertheless, it is important that you read this safety information and follow all instructions before working with or using Duplo products.

Duplo Horseshoes have undergone extensive testing. They have been proven suitable for many different horses and disciplines. Some horses, however, don't like Duplo Horseshoes because of their particular body structure or individual movements.

To prevent injuries to man or horse:


Only use Duplo Horseshoes if you have the necessary knowledge regarding their correct application. Check our shoeing instruction.

Only use the proper tools and equipment to shoe Duplo Horseshoes. Observe the usual safety precautions when using these tools.
not place a Duplo Horseshoe between the hoof and a conventional horseshoe
Caution: Adjust the quarter clips to the hoof angle.
Adjust the quarter clips to the hoof angle. If you use the Duplo Basic, grind the quarter clips before shoeing in order to reduce the risk of injuries.
Do not inhale abrasive dust from Du or the synthetic accessories. Observe the usual safety precautions when using the angle grinder or belt sander.
Warning: Avoid burning Duplo Horseshoes.
WARNING Avoid burning Duplo Horseshoes so that you do not inhale fumes. Do not place Duplo Horseshoes and synthetic accessories into a forging furnace.
Notice: Regularly check the proper and secure fit of the Duplo Horseshoes.
Check the proper and secure fit of the Duplo Horseshoes once a day and before every use of the horse to prevent losing a horseshoe during its regular life span.
Check for sharp edges and open rivets once a week to prevent injuries.
Caution: Regularly check for sharp edges and open rivets.
CAUTION Duplo products are made from relatively soft material with chamfered edges. This makes them usually safer in horse herds than conventional horseshoes. There are less injuries but injuries can never be totally eliminated. When using the model Arizona, observe the product-specific safety information and note that the risk of injuries in herds is greater than with other Duplo models because of the additional steel border.
Caution: Note the risk of injuries of shoed horses in herds.
CAUTION The use of spikes and studs as well as checking their correct fit and integrity during the shoeing period are at the horse owner's discretion in cooperation with the local farrier. Check the correct fit and integrity of the spikes or studs once a day and before every use of the horse. An askew stud or thread insert, for example, is a sign that the thread insert may be unstable.

In case of particularly aggressive horses, spikes and studs may be a risk when used in herds. If you aren't self-boarding, you have to check with your stable owner in advance whether the use of spikes and studs is allowed.

Caution: Follow the safety information of the adhesive used.CAUTION If you want to use the Duplo as a glue-on horseshoe, you have to follow the safety information of the adhesive used. If you buy the glue in our online shop, the safety information is part of the product description.
All products have to be used in accordance with the instructions and safety information on our website. The adjustment, modification and application to the individual hoof are always at the discretion of the local farrier. The H. Frank Kunststofftechnik GmbH hereby disclaims responsibility for the misuse of any product and for losses incurred through the use of any product described in our catalog or on our website or in our printed or digital instructions. No liability can be accepted for any damage that may occur to people, animals or property due to incorrect or careless application, missing technical skills, negligence in inspection or risky riding. Our products are not intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition.